Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Every Citizen has Civil Rights that have been constitutionally provided by the Government(Democratic). The same citizens who choose to be creative, inspiring and the same time entertaining also have another group of Rights known as Fundamental Entertainment Rights.These Rights have been provided by all Independent Nations a.k.a Sovereign States and are legally backed up by the Constitution of Entertainment.
In the same vein there are other parties popularly referred to as clients/customers which i refer to as the "Appreciators of Art" who are also covered in the same constitution. They have the right to be entertained and fulfilled in whatever genre of Art theyshow interestor patronize.
This Blog is to show case the Art world in a critique perspective.....What i mean by that you will soon find out....Mean while i want to introduce myself..My names are Adedamola Obafemi Aina a.k.a Dreik. Thanks for joining me here...Watch out for what is coming next......