Wednesday, 22 April 2015


The 30 Days in Atlanta comic Film, I must say with all sincerity and bluntness was well received by the general audience but was met with mixed to negative critical reviews. Critics like my humble self cannot help but posit that the comic relief intended in the film is totally stereotype and that it’s just a mere combination of various scenarios from Popular works of other prominent comic Actors not to mention their names. The Nollywood movie  released in 2003 about a popular funny man from the Eastern part of the country who travelled abroad and caused some funny troubles and all; and the very popular Yoruba movie released in 2011 about the village girl who comes to the city and becomes a ‘Bigss-Girl’.
I for one failed to actually see the reason to laugh in most of the scenes in the Ayo Makun directed movie and it’s quite disheartening that I was quite upset that a close friend of mine, whom we were supposed to see the movie together at the cinemas when it was premiered in Lagos, Nigeria saw it without me…lol….back to the matter. For the lengthy part of the about 2hr long movie, there was no originality and depth, lack of connection between the two (2) Actors ; Ramsey Nouah (Richard) and Ayo Makun (Akpors) lapses were evident, like every Nollywood or shallow work, I could see right through the plot way before it unfolded. There was really no ‘killer’ joke in most parts of the scenarios intended to make the audience laugh, Like the music world it’s just another ‘remix’ or should I say ‘remake’ of  a HIT!! It’s the same beat but different lyrics yet singing the same song. The quality of the production is just impressive with a few noticeable errors here and there but the comedy in the film is filled with familiar scenarios and themes.
Ayo Makun is a wonderful, talented, gifted, blessed, loveable, sellable, funny, creative, innovative, educative and informative stand-up comedian or MC. He is not all that as an Actor. His inability to really get out and interpret the role in a more natural way and his failure to put the AY show personae on hold and carve a new identity with Akpors further crippled the chances of adding a star to the rating of the movie. Yes, money was spent in putting the movie together and all, I think it really was and still is the marketing strategy employed by the sponsors and stakeholders alike that really spoke for the movie. Sentiments apart oh… 30 Days in Atlanta is not a movie you would want to watch over and over again.
Most popular artistes magazines, blogs, online fora and all gave their ratings; some giving 4 stars out of 5 stars and all. Different kinds of reviews have been posted. The few memorable scenes in the movie are probably the ones that offer any form of artistic impression or solace to its audience.

In conclusion, saying that 30 Days in Atlanta deserves a round of applause and not a standing ovation would be fair, just and in fact hitting the nail on the head in this submission.